The art of birthing your dreams

During the last few weeks it could have been easy to go into overwhelm and at times I fell against the hard edge of it, breathless. There has been a lot going on – I’ve been organising a lawyer and accountant for my new business, hiring a virtual assistant, defining my target market, making surveys to send and collate, keeping up with The Academy work, pushing to totally finish my novel & have it ready for submission & getting radiotherapy every day. I’m sure there are a billion people right now doing way more than this BUT it feels like a lot to me AND the unseen part is the emotional investment that goes into bringing your dreams to light.

There is a huge amount of personal growth that is happening to actually do this and what feels more natural is quitting or zoning out when things get hard (that’s me anyway). But this is the time to push through.

It feels like I’m giving birth but I’ve been in labour for three weeks and it’s still not over!

The emotional investment is so huge because it’s all about keeping the faith while not yet seeing the results. This is one of the reasons I see the importance of keeping a miracle mindset. I have to keep believing, otherwise I’d crumble.

Keeping a miracle mindset is something I set myself up with from my morning routine – as I wrote about some time ago (Why I like to have my muesli first – read it by clicking here) . There are times in the day though when we forget and may go back into thoughts of ‘what if I can’t?’ or ‘what if it doesn’t work?’.  I’ve written recently about transforming such thoughts here in How To Be Awesome.

As Gabby Bernstein says,

Worry is a prayer for chaos


personal growth

Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine.


Keeping a miracle mindset is all about focusing on what we want rather than what we don’t want. So often we think about the worst case scenario or being ‘reasonable’ and are told to ‘not get our hopes up’. But this is a load of crap. Do you know anyone who achieved anything who didn’t get their hopes up?

It starts with HOPE and backed up by ACTION soon becomes BELIEF and then you just KNOW. 

Our lives totally change when we stop focusing on our problems and start coming up with solutions instead. When we can see the solutions (even if they seem way out there) we can move in the direction of our desires – big or small – one step at a time.

And if you need to feel like the hero of your life, play Katy Perry’s Roar. It works for me! It makes me appreciate myself for all I do and just us humans in general. Because we are all doing our thing, we all face challenges and adversity and we are fucking amazing.

So, what would you do if money wasn’t a consideration? Dare to dream. You can find a way. Collapse the timeline. Do it now not ‘one day’. Once you make a decision, people and opportunities show up to help you along the way. 

There are also a lot of people out there who will, even out of the best intentions, try to sway you from your path. They don’t want you to be disappointed and they just don’t know what they are saying really.We are always having this unsolicited advice thrust upon us as we go about our day but it is our job to choose who we listen to. We get to choose.

The specialist that I see occasionally is one of the best in his field but his wealth consciousness sure is depleted and he needs an injection of the miraculous to the mind (that’s my diagnosis). We got to talking about what I do – he seemed happy with the teaching part – but about the coaching course he was a sceptic.

‘It’s hard to make a living like that, isn’t it?’

I sat silently for a moment before it occurred to me that he might actually know nothing about it. And even if he did!

‘No actually,’ I said, and told him of the business training we receive and how there are many new coaches were already making $5K a month.

The next time I told him about writing my novel and he asked if I had a connection to a publisher.

‘It’s very hard to find one.’

‘Yes, I need a miracle,’ I said with humour, which satisfied his cynical side.

Inside I was thinking ‘Ha! And I believe in miracles!’ I didn’t need to show him. I only needed to reassure myself.

Perhaps the doctor was just being practical. But who wants to be practical?  Richard Branson isn’t practical! I’d have the same reaction if he told me I only had six weeks to live. ‘I believe in miracles!’ I’d say and get to work.

As I wrote that last line I started crying (I told you I was like a pregnant lady right now). It means this much to me – not only the end goal but the belief. Believing is so pure and personal. You are free to believe whatever you want. Believe in peace, believe in your dreams, believe in having a happy family, believe you are healthy, believe everything will work out for the best. If you really believe it, then you do and when you do, it makes you believe even more. And NO ONE can take that away from you.




  1. Nadiya says:

    Love it! so needed to read it right now to light up my belief one more time! Thanks a lot, Mireille! Wish you best of luck with your beginnings and just keep believing! Love you!

  2. Helen says:

    Belief in yourself is something that takes some time to nurture. Belief in others is a wonderful thing to possess, and I totally believe in you, your outlook on life and your dream xxx

    • Mireille Parker says:

      Aww thank you Helen. And I believe we have the ability to catch our thoughts and transform them. This is the constant challenge and where the magic happens too xxx

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