Your Beautiful Rebellion 12-week Coaching Package

It is my deepest desire to support any woman who has experienced a health crisis and is now ready to begin the next chapter of her life. Read the story of My Beautiful Rebellion by clicking here.


You’ve been through your treatment and now what? Wait and see? Wait and hope for the best? No. Don’t hope! Take ACTION. Create the right conditions for your health and happiness – transform your fears and doubts and take control of your life. Be the passionate advocate of a life of joy and ease. Come to a place of deep peace within. Dive deep into your desires. Live the life of your own design. Be your authentic self. Infuse your day with pleasure. This is the elixir for long-lasting health and well-being. Are you ready?

The time is now.

Your Beautiful Rebellion

In your 12-week coaching package I will guide you to :

  • Release the victim, re-write your story and set yourself free of your fears.

  • Identify and transform toxic thoughts and beliefs into those that will support your healing now and forever more.

  • Become aware of the words you are using and select language to create optimal health and happiness.

  • Stop being a people pleaser and become the most authentic version of yourself through the decision-making process.

  • Transform your energy and cultivate joy – two essential ingredients for wellness and fulfilment.

  • Explore your femininity, pleasure and creativity as you practice presence and become the most passionate person you know.

  • Create a life that is uniquely yours and live your purpose with ease and grace.

Because we are all meant for something great and this is the next chapter of your life. 

In our 12-week package, you will be supported and held accountable to make real and lasting change in your life.

Your investment for 12 hours of coaching with me is $1200 in full or a payment plan of $450 x 3

– with a fast action bonus of 2 hours coaching gifted to you.

 Request your complimentary Discovery Session today and find out if you would like to work with me.

Are you ready for your beautiful rebellion? 

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