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I am probably the most unlikely candidate to be talking about money. It’s not that I’ve been broke, it’s just that I’ve been comfortable my whole life and when you’re comfortable, you’re not that motivated to change. The self-development world is full of stories of massive transformation. Those who have been down so low seem to soar to the greatest heights. However, when we are averagely good we are told that it is good enough and we accept it. No one really wants to languish in the land of mediocrity though.

Often we deny the part of ourselves that desires more money. I know I did. I mean, who wouldn’t prefer to fly business class rather than economy? Money buys choices. Often, even getting to the point where we admit our desires takes work.

Money has been blamed for much. We love it or we loathe it or we ignore it. Personally, I ignored it for a long time. When anyone would talk about financial things I would zone out. I equated making money with selling out. But I have been learning a lot about wealth consciousness in the past year and a half and especially since starting The Academy in January.

Wealth is a state of mind. Wealth is a feeling and it is not something you have to wait to happen to you. You can get in the vibration of abundance all on your own.

From Abundance Tapestry,

If your state of mind is attuned to abundance or wealth, it will soon become manifest. If your state of mind is attuned to lack of money or lack of whatever, that lack will also become manifest. 

So how can we attune our minds to abundance and wealth?

1. Count your blessings.

When nothing else concerns you except what more you need, nothing can satisfy you and that truly will make you poor and needy.

(Abundance Tapestry)

Write down each morning what makes you feel abundant. Notice them as you walk. It could be the time to sit and sip your morning coffee or tea or the bunch of roses you buy yourself each week. Be grateful for all you have and the frequency of being abundant will attract more abundance into your life. 

 2. Maintain a miracle mindset

When the economy is bad, we tend to focus on the gloom and doom. It can be easy to fall into negative thinking and feelings of hopelessness, but there are many excellent books that will restore your faith in your ability to be a money making magnet. At the beginning, if you truly want to transform your relationship to money, it’s recommended that you read wealth consciousness books every day and in large chunks and not only read, but follow the advice.

Recommended Reading List

The Science of Getting Rich  – audio, paper or kindle (click to buy)

Think and Grow Rich – paper or kindle

The Abundance Book – paper or kindle

The Game of Life and How To Play It – paper or kindle

Leveraging the Universe – paper or kindle

2. Know that you deserve it

Our beliefs are so ingrained that we are often not aware of their existence. Due to our family, culture and country’s history, we hold many beliefs about money that may be holding us back. Perhaps we repeat ‘I can’t afford it’ a hundred times a day or think that some things are nice for some people. Perhaps we believe the global economy would collapse if too many of us became wealthy or that our parents would cut us off if we earn more than them. This stuff goes so deep, but we cannot experience prosperity if we believe we don’t deserve it. You deserve wealth as much as the next person. So treat yourself. 

3. Be generous

Have fun with money! Give to people or organisations who make a difference in your life. Buy your friend coffee. Tip well for good service or whatever turns you on and don’t forget to give to yourself.  It’s not about getting out of reality or going on a shopping binge. It is about getting in touch with your true desires and not always going for the sales and the bargain bin. Money flows. You don’t have to hoard it. 

4.  Speak well of money

Don’t indulge in lack conversations. Speak instead of how great it is to be able to take holidays every year or go out for dinner when you want. Not that long ago, this was only available to the aristocracy. Celebrate the good life!

Rejoice in the prosperity of others too! In The Academy, women post in the Facebook group about their $20K month or $11K week and we celebrate it. What is available for them is available for you and me too. If you feel envious or angry, acknowledge it but don’t attach yourself to the feeling.

Wayne Dyer says,

Foster an inner belief that anyone who has achieved prosperity is entitled to it, and that their success is not a reason for you to feel inadequate or wanting….Let go of the inner belief that it shouldn’t be that way. It is that way! That is all you need to know.

Again from Wayne Dyer,

Try to shift your focus from what others have or don’t have to what you can do for yourself.  Remember when you evaluate and judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.

When you evaluate and judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.

Brilliant, right?

5. Ask a Higher Power

Get quiet and ask your Higher Self, your God or whatever you believe in how you can bring in money. Ask all day. Tap into your intuition. And then take action. Take one step in the direction and then take the next step. Sometimes the next step is getting a casual job just to get your needs met and other times you’re hustling to up level your life.

No amount of money can fulfil the part of ourselves that feels incomplete, insecure or not peaceful, but when you know that you are a whole, creative and loving being, then money can buy happiness for sure.


Over to you my friend. What makes you feel abundant? How do you define wealth? And would you like to know more about wealth consciousness or manifesting money? I could go a lot deeper on the specifics if you let me know. Please respond in the comments below.

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Happy Easter!

Much LOVE xxx


  1. Liz Osbrough says:

    That was a great read and awesome to know you are enjoying your coaching course. Have a happy easter too, take care xxx Liz

    • Mireille Parker says:

      Oh thank you Liz my darling. So great to know what you enjoy reading. If there’s ever anything you want me to write about let me know. The course is amazing, yes. If you know anyone who’d be interested in joining the next course, point them to my post please. Happy Easter too! Miss you xxx

  2. kaycers says:

    I can’t tell you how helpful and timely this post has been. I have had it pulled up on computer screen for over a week now and finally decided to just copy the stuff that sticks out to me into my journal. 🙂 Now I can take your insights with me wherever I go! I look forward to reading more of your posts. Good luck on your journey of abundance! <3

    • Mireille Parker says:

      Oh that makes me so incredibly happy to hear! You’re blog inspires me too often. I also write the precious thoughts I gather in my journal to remind & uplift me & get me back to the truth. There’s so much I’m learning at the moment & I am even more encouraged to share it now. Thank you Kaycers xxx

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