Mireille’s Story

My Beautiful Rebellion

I know what it’s like to feel stuck…

I know what it is to be doing a job that doesn’t feel quite right.

I know how it feels to long for the freedom of living a life on purpose.

I know what it’s taken me to claim this freedom.

And I’m ready to help you live a life of PLEASURE, PASSION and PURPOSE.

Because we all deserve to be happy.

Freedom has always been a huge value of mine, which is why I started working as an English as a Second Language teacher. I was free to travel when I wanted and was not tied down by a contract. But I was not free.

I sought adventures overseas and was forever saving up for the next trip. I travelled Europe and lived in London with three of my best friends, journeyed for 3 months in India, went to hip hop dance school and worked in New York and lived in Montpellier, France. It was a whole lot of fun. But I was not free.

I married and moved to Switzerland and got a nice job at a hotel school. The pay was good and the staff and students were lovely. We could afford a beautiful apartment in the centre of town and trips away several times a year. But I was not free.

Actually, I felt really stuck and this manifested as a cancerous lump in my breast. I was 34 and had no history of it in my family AND I was not living my purpose. I had not had the time to finish the novel I’d been working on. I’d put my dreams aside for a monthly pay check.

But now my body was trying to talk to me and this time I listened. I rose up and set myself free.

I’d like to share part of my Freedom Manifesto; an ideology shaped by my journey to health and happiness :

1. We will consciously create our reality

I had already been studying the power of the mind for more than a year when I received the diagnosis and so I got to work on myself immediately. In the space of the week between the ultrasound and operation, the 3.4cm lump had already decreased by 1cm.

What I realized was that our emotions are creating our future. We all hear about the benefits of positive thinking, but actually the positive state is more important than the thinking. Before I had often times been sinking into despair and victimhood, but now I knew better.

2. We will listen to our bodies

My recovery has been quite a journey in trusting my inner voice and emotions. It is not easy to go against what a doctor tells you that you should be doing, but I did what felt right to me and I have been rewarded greatly for this. I didn’t ignore everything but I took the time to make my own decisions and I am proud of who I am because of it today.

On my journey to health, I have been supported by many holistic professionals and have been told I just have to stop thinking so much, breathe and be happy (it sounds so easy, right?). Our bodies are the most brilliant and wise creatures on this planet, yet we’ve forgotten how to listen to them. I have learnt how to get back into my body and make decisions from this temple of wisdom.

Taking a leap of faith can be scary, but it’s easier if you have the support of an experienced professional, who you can trust to listen and guide you and push you when you need to jump.

3. We will be wealthy

This is something I tried to ignore for many years because I believed that I had to choose between money and a life of passion and freedom. I thought I had to sell out to be wealthy and this is why I was never free all those years before. Money combined with purpose is what I seek today. To live an epic life, we must be able to afford self-care and outsource our stress so that we can focus on our zone of genius. We require money to be healthy too and I’m not afraid to say it. Money is simply energy and we are keeping the flow of energy going when we allow it in and don’t try to hang onto it too tightly. Today I believe in an abundant universe and this is the reality I am creating.  

Today I have my own coaching business and have finished that novel. I have overcome self-doubt and learnt to express myself and use my gifts to encourage, uplift and inspire others. I have tapped into my inner strength and learnt to follow my intuition. I have learnt to create my world with the power of my mind, the wisdom of my body and by taking inspired action. Today I am committed to helping women attain their own version of freedom – because we all deserve to lead great lives. Are you ready for your beautiful rebellion?

Cliff Jumping Me in MontpellierClear Blue Sky

Your Beautiful Rebellion

Are you ready to be the loving ruler of your life?

Are you ready to transform your fears?

Are you ready to exorcise the thoughts and beliefs that have created havoc on your health?

Are you ready to amp up the pleasure and passion in your daily life?

Are you ready to stop pleasing everyone else and start pampering yourself?

Are you ready to invest time AND energy in your purpose-fuelled future?

If the answer is yes, then I look forward to hearing from you today.


Complimentary Discovery Session – let’s plan your beautiful rebellion

In this Skype session Mireille will guide you to :

  • Identify how you are stuck in the mindset of fear.

  • Get clarity on how you desire to transform this.

  • Find out what the next steps are to have a life of Pleasure, Passion and Purpose.

Are you ready to set yourself free?

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The most important kind of freedom is to be who you truly are.

                                                        -Jim Morrison


with love,

Mireille xxx


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