Moving On…

Mireille_154Hello my friends!

I think you’ve probably realised I’ve been pretty busy of late and have moved on from this site.

My new coaching site is up at and I would love you to join me if you are interested in wellness, health & personal transformation through pleasure, passion & purpose.

I am coaching those particularly who have been through a health crisis and are ready to be an empowered  participant in their healing, to release and deal with emotions  and to trasnform their lives so that the conditions which supported the disease are altered. It’s about doing all you can to heal – not just waiting & hoping.

If you’d love to find out more, jump on over to my new site and pick up a free e-book on Faith & Active Healing.

Also, if you know of anyone who is in this position and would love the support of a trained coach who has been through this exact experience, please pass on the link.


Lots of love to you,


Mireille xxx