The art of staying centred during times of stress

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Stress is not caused by the things that are happening but our reaction too them. Have you ever noticed that? It’s all in our heads! We make up so many stories that we get lost in our tales of doom and downfall. But like everything in life, we have the power to turn it around.

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We focus on the best case scenario and what to do to make that happen. Then take the next step.

The trick is not to let yourself wander off too far into the future. Focus on the present and what you can do TODAY. When you are working on your goal, you don’t have time to worry. If you don’t know what to do next, reach out and get support from someone who has been there and can see the bigger picture. This has helped me immensely.

Launching my transformational coaching business much sooner than I had planned would have been a good time for me to go spinning off into overwhelm. But Wild Poppy Coaching and Empowerment opened for business and rather than focusing on the excuses, I focused on what I could do to make it a success.  It’s an exciting time and so the perfect time to get grounded because as well as all that I am doing, it is essential to make time to get centred and aligned so that I am making smart decisions (and also not freaking out).

The way to feel comfortable and to keep on working, even in the face of adversity or worse – silence – is to come from a rock solid foundation. Let us not fly off with the winds or be sent spinning into orbit, but be so deeply connected and in tune with the quiet place inside of us that KNOWS.

We do that by being in our bodies. When we are too much in our heads, it’s not only that we are thinking too much, but that our feelings are all up there, zipping around, untethered. We get excited and don’t know what to do with that energy. We end up using too many exclamation marks. And is that really how we want to be?

To avoid overenthusiastic punctuation (in our heads and otherwise) and overwhelm we must bring the awareness back into our bodies. The way to do this is and always will be through the breath. So get up now and stretch and take so big beautiful breaths. Release your cares and know everything’s going to be okay. Enjoy being hammered into the earth (in a good way). This deep contentment is more stable than the fluttery happiness – don’t you think?

Now, you know this is not simply a blog post about breathing. I do have a few more tools in my kit for getting grounded when we going through a growth spurt (or launching your own business) :

1. Yoga

My favourite part of yoga is the beginning and end lying on the mat. How often do we let ourselves totally relax like that? I used to push myself, wanting to be the best in the class (so not the point), but now I just do it to get aligned and to be with my body. It feels so good to stretch and at the end I thank myself for putting in the time.

2. Walking

In nature or in the city. No music. The rhythm of your feet. The sun on your back. The waves at your heels if you’re lucky enough. Stare into the faces of people and plants. Humans are such interesting creatures. Stop to smell the flowers and pat the kitties. Maybe an affirmation to focus your mind and slow her down to the beat of your heart. And breathe. It feels good to be alive.

3. Meditation

Just sit for five minutes with your eyes closed. Don’t try to not think. Watch your thoughts come in and out. Just observe. Bring the energy down to your belly with your breath. You are all you need. Breathe. It feels good.

4. Reminders

Put post it notes up on your desk to remind yourself of how easy it can be. Everything is easy. When you say it, breathe it in. Bring the words down into your body and feel it. Know it. It feels good and it sure beats getting overwhelmed. (I even made a youtube video about this – yep I’m overriding embarrassment again).

5. Tucking myself in

As you’re lying in bed at night, place one hand on your heart and one on your belly and tune in. You don’t have to do anything or be anyone. You are complete. Let go of all you’re working on and welcome joy in. Send thanks for all you have in your life and all you desire to have – because you know it is coming to you. Let your mind linger on these joyful imaginings – like you did as a kid.

It’s so simple that we forget about it because we think we have to do, do do! Well, we do have to do, but we also have to be still. It’s not all about mediating on a rock and living in hope. There are things we can do today – next steps to take – and we must take them. But we must also strengthen our peace and inner wisdom with grounding practices.

Now if you would like to know more about transforming your fears and living a life of pleasure, passion and purpose  Click here to visit the Wild Poppy page and book a discovery session with me today.

And please let me know in the comments below what you do to stay grounded and not be blow away in the wind of change.

Love xxx


  1. Joyce Oladipo says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tips in this article.

    Meditations is my favorite go too when i need a breakthrough in my business. I do it first thing in the morning to figure what i need to do during the day and it’s has never failed me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Mireille Parker says:

      You’re welcome Joyce! I’m wondering what kind of meditation you do. Sometimes I do guided ones and other times just stillness. I just basically do what I feel like on the day. How about you?

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